Make It Less Daunting to Create a Balanced Life for Your Dog

Do you combine a complex lifestyle of a full-time job, family life and dog ownership? Do you see your dog only during evenings and weekends? Do you struggle to train your dog? Are you cleaning up shredded paper and chewed up houseplants every evening? Are you an owner of an eight-month-old puppy that’s still not housebroken?

Balanced Life for Your Dog

You’re far from being alone. Every year, people relinquish millions of dogs around the world or put them to sleep in humane societies, animal shelters and veterinarian offices because they didn’t work out. They couldn’t fit into their owners’ busy lives. I don’t know how far you are on the spectrum between “I’ll never give up my dog” and “I absolutely have to give up my dog,” but I’m glad you’re here.

There’s something inherently fulfilling about dog companionship. Dogs make us better people. For me, writing this blog is one of my gifts to dogs. Hopefully, the tools and tips I share with you can improve both the lives of dogs and their people around the world. In essence, I think that’s what giving back is: sharing worthy ideas. Let me put it another way. Here is my New Year’s resolution.

If you want to create and improve the life of your home alone dog, I’m going to help you.

Today, I’m launching my blog 9 to 5 Dogs. The goal? To make it a lot less daunting to create a balanced life for your dog that spends a lot of time home alone. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Just click subscribe, and you will have 30 tips delivered directly to your inbox. You will get to try new things, learn about your dog and share your experience with other dog owners as you start to make your way to a balanced and happy canine companion. I will also document my journey on this blog, and by the time I release the book 9-to-5 Dogs, you will have traveled this journey along with me and learned on your way.

My hope is that 9 to 5 Dogs will help anyone who wants to improve the lives of their dogs will take the first step. I decided to take it even further by creating the 9-to-5 Dog 30 Steps in 30 Days Challenge.

The concept of the challenge is simple: 30 days. 30 steps. I think it would be a nice way to break down what you need to do to start creating a better life for your dog. It takes all the load (well, most of it) off taking the first step. It’s still not simple and easy, but it will be a lot easier. And I’m very confident that if you do these 30 things, you will be on your way to a goal that can really change your dog’s life.

So accept the challenge by subscribing and following the blog. Make the next 30 days the time you create and improve the life of your dog. Let me know how it goes on Facebook and on the blog. I want to hear what you think.

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