Life vs Dogs

Welcome to the blog. It's called 9 to 5 Dog and the whole idea behind the blog is to talk about our dogs that stay home while we work. Here I share tips, advice, research and little behind the scenes clips. My name is Olga Zuberg and if this is the first post you are reading I want to thank you for reading. I hope you will enjoy the post and stick around. Please go to the blog's homepage and check out other posts. We talked about games, socialization, activities to do with your dog and more. There are lots of stuff out there that you might want to see.

too busy for my dog

Anyways, to tell you the truth folks, I am exhausted. I just got back from a very long and challenging day at the office, went for a very long run, half of it with my dog, and now I'm seating in my room. Usually, I would be seating in my office, but today I wasn't even sure I would be able to write a new post. So told to myself "the only way you are going to have a new post is to pick up a device and start writing". And that's what I'm doing.

So if you remember, last week I shared some do's and don'ts of hiring a dog walker, doggy daycare, and boarding facility. Today I had a chat with an owner of a dog boarding facility, and she does not believe in letting dogs who don't know each other, don't belong to the same pack play together. Her arguments have some logic in it, but I'm all for socialization and not planning on changing my mind. What do you think?

Another thing that we talked about is people leaving their dogs in boarding facilities very frequently. People who have demanding jobs, stressful family situations, people who are very sick, all kinds of situations. So since this blog is all about being real, I share little videos from my life, I talk about my family and my dogs, I thought I would talk about times when things are not going as planned.

I knew this week would be a difficult one. I was at work until 10 pm on Tuesday. On Friday I was working again. On Wednesday I went for an event that did not allow dogs, so I left my dog at the daycare. I had to spend some time with my family on Thursday so I had only one hour left to take my dog to the park and play with her a little at home. Then Friday again, I had to go to the office very early and then I spend some time at the company's event. All that's to say I haven't spent much time with my dog. And I could have probably. I mean, my dog always gets her four potty breaks and her meals are on time, but sometimes you have to say no to your dog so you can interact with other human being and get your work done.

And I had even been thinking about that a moment ago. Right now, it is a beautiful evening here in Toronto. My dog is playing outside with kids. The sun is still out, and I could go outside right now and play too. In fact, maybe I should do that. So, ultimately, I believe that our lives and relationships are more important than the things we do at work. A job is important, but not nearly as important as spending time with your family and friends; dogs included. It's so easy for us to get stuck in our offices, staring at these stupid machines, and we know that we are missing out on life, and sometimes we are just keeping to work hard thinking that there will be some free time soon.

Balancing this stuff is not easy, and I obviously haven't figured it out either, but in this case I decided that I would not stress out about work and multiple projects that I have, including this blog, and spend some time with my dog. It doesn't mean that I would be working less. It means that I will devote some of my time in the next two days solely to spending time with my dog. I will not listen to audiobooks while walking her, I will not watch TV while playing with her, and I will not browse the Internet while we snuggle on the sofa. I hope this will work. I know it is going to be good for me to give myself a little mental break. One can't fit an unlimited amount of things in a limited amount time. You have to do some trade-offs. You have to set some time to live your life instead of sitting in front of the computer screen.

If you can relate to what I'm talking about here on this blog, please share it with your friends. Tell about it to the people you know who also struggle with similar things. And let's talk. 9 to 5 dogs has a Facebook page. Come by just to say "hey, I'm reading the blog...". I also have a newsletter. It's a great way to follow along and enjoy the story. If you are new to this blog, this is definitely not a normal post. I don't have as much energy as usual. So go check out other posts. Give it a chance. I will be back next week and, hopefully, I will have a lot of naps by then.