Seeking suggestions and case studies for my new book 9 to 5 Dog

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A lot has happened since I first announced the book in March 2015. I’ve already incorporated many of your suggestions and ideas, but I’d love more of your resources and stories! Please take a moment to look at the following questions...

9 to 5 Dog

Your feedback and picture might just end up in the 9 to 5 dog - a guide to keeping your dog happy while working full-time.

1) Have you found any good websites, gadgets/tools, toys, products that should be in the book?

2) Do you think someone you know might make an interesting case study in the book?

3) Is there anything you would like to share? Even if it’s just a simple tip, it could very well make it into a sidebar.

Survey questions are here:

If you can, please post your experiences or tips, however short, by Monday, June 14. Thanks in advance! I’m really excited about featuring your stories. Looking forward to see your replies.