Announcing the first chapter of 9 to 5 Dog : Should I get a dog?


After hours of painstaking research, many experiments, and tons of play, the first chapter of my new book – 9 to 5 Dog – is fresh out of publisher! It is a stand-alone published under it's own name 'Why should I get a dog'?

To support responsible dog ownership I decided to make the first part free. I remind the reader to consider all the pros and cons, adopt, and give a chance to dogs with special needs if possible!

“Getting a dog is not just about having a cute fluffy puppy around, who is very easy to adore. Puppies grow up quickly. All dogs have their own issues and challenges. Everything will be influenced by their needs, personalities, sleep habits, food preferences, and energy levels – many of which will be, obviously, very different to our own!”

Excerpt From: Olga Zuberg. "Should I get a dog? A guide to dog ownership for people who work full-time."

Download the free book here:

If you want to get a dog, or know someone who does, and are in need of a comprehensive, but straightforward guide, this is it. This book covers, section by section, all the major questions and concerns of potential dog owners: work, finance, health, and your support system.

If this book sounds interesting or appealing to you, please take a moment to pre-order 9 to 5 Dog today. I am working hard to get what I believe is a valuable book out into the world, and your pre-orders will really help in making that happen.

Here, in particular, is why I’d like you to pre-order:

  1. You were a fan of 9 to 5 Dog from the very start. You are the validation and inspiration behind this book. The book is available at 40% off during the preorder preiodand I want you to be able to take advantage of the discount.

  2. Your support would mean so much. The book pre-orders will help to put the book in front of the right audience. It’s crazy, but the bookseller's search results prioritize the books that were popular on the day one! Thank you all so much for being a part of this journey!

Are you ready to get a sneak peek into 9 to 5 Dog?

Download the first chapter free here:

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