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After months of writing, hours spend home alone, and tons of play, my new book – 9 to 5 Dog: A guide to keeping your dog happy while working full-time – is finally here!


If you’ve ever felt guilty leaving your dog home alone, and were in need of a comprehensive, but straightforward guide, this is it.

This book covers, section by section, all the major components of keeping your dog happy while working full-time. I tested everything out on my dog and myself first so you don’t have to!

In the “Building a workable 9 to 5 routine” chapter, for example, I talk about ensuring that your dog has a balanced and fulfilled life, starting with physical exercise, and than adding brain games, socialization and entertainment, all the while working full-time. And what is the end result of this program? That most of your dog’s behavioural problems will disappear. Your dog will become a happier and calmer pooch.

Here is the detailed table of contents cover:


First and foremost


Is this book right for you?

Make is less daunting to create a happy life for your dog


Chapter 1: Should I get a dog?

1. Thinking it through and making a plan

2. The state of dog ownership

3. Redefining support systems

4. The working life

5. Finances

6. Realistically assessing your situation

7. What to expect when getting a puppy?

8. What to expect when adopting an adult dog?

9. Can you take care of a special needs dog?

10. Deciding to have a second dog

11.The road ahead

Chapter 2: Selecting a 9 to 5 dog

1. The fun part begins

2. What dog is right for you? The mystery of choosing the right dog

3. What are the best dog breeds for 9 to 5 dog owners?

4. What breeds to avoid?

5. Selecting the adoption route

6. Will the future you be happy with your choice?

Chapter 3: Settling In

1. The first few days

2. Training your 9 to 5 dog

3. Leaving your dog home for the first time

4. Housebreaking your puppy or adult dog when you are not at home

5. Socializing your dog on a tight schedule

Chapter 4: Building a workable 9 to 5 routine

1. What makes their tails wag?

2. Exercise and activities

3. Mental stimulation

4. Social interaction

5. Entertainment

Chapter 5: Taking your dog to work

1. Preparing your canine co-worker

Chapter 6: Finding Help

1. Selecting a dog-walker, dog daycare, and dog boarding service that is right for your dog

2. It takes a village: Getting creative and getting help

Chapter 7: Solving Issues

1. Setting up to avoid separation anxiety

Chapter 8: Dog Toys and Gadgets

1. Boredom-busters

2. Equipment

3. High-tech gear


It doesn’t end here

About the Author

If this book sounds interesting or appealing to you, please take a moment to pre-order it today.

Here, in particular, is why I’d like you to pre-order:

  • You will save money. You can pre-order the book now and save 40%. Why do I want to give you a discount on my new book? Because you were my fan and follower from the beginning. Some of you have been on this journey with me starting from the first announcement about this book.

  • If the book does not help you and your dog, you will not be charged anything; but I promise, you will not be disappointed.

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